2015 Dream

I had a dream in February 2015. I believed then that God was trying to show me something to come, but I wasn’t sure what. I’m not positive that it’s for now, but there are some definite symbolisms that seem like they could be insightful for believers.

In my dream, I was on an airplane flying to an unknown location. The plane had to emergency land, and the pilot wouldn’t tell us why until the last minute. He continuously tried to divert our attention from what was going on by asking us to look out our side windows at an old lady building a fence. As he was talking about this over the intercom, the Statue of Liberty appeared in front of the plane and suddenly blew up into millions of tiny pieces. As the shrapnel came towards the airplane’s windshield, everyone ducked down tightly in their seats. Nothing from the explosion was able to penetrate the plane’s windows, but there was a sense of panic and fear among the passengers. As I was hunched down, I began to sing these lyrics from Israel Houghton’s song, “We Worship You”:

“Lord You are good and Your mercy endureth forever.
Lord You are good and Your mercy endureth forever.

People from every nation and tongue
From generation to generation

We worship You, hallelujah! Hallelujah!
We worship You for who You are
You are good!”

Here’s what I make of the dream: I believe the pilot represents leadership, maybe global or maybe national. As the pilot tried to distract the passengers by drawing their attention to division (the fence), there is an attempt on the leaders’ behalf to deceive. They’re distracting us from what is actually happening by drawing our attention to the division.

I believe that the Statue of Liberty represents freedom, a freedom under attack. This destruction of freedom will bring danger. It will create fear, just like it did in the dream as all of the terrified passengers ducked down in their seats.

Just as in the dream, the deception, destruction of freedom, and danger will usher in a great spiritual awakening for God’s people.

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